A few times per year, the Shelby County Trustee (Memphis, TN) holds auctions on CivicSource to offer hundreds of tax-delinquent houses, commercial buildings, and land to investors.  Those who are willing & able to sift through large numbers of properties can find compelling investments in these auctions.

The primary purpose of MemphisTaxSale.com:
MemphisTaxSale.com was built to help investors 'window shop' Shelby County Tax Auctions.  Our map, spreadsheet database, and property summaries are designed to help investors sift through the hundreds of properties offered in each auction to find properties that fit their investment criteria.

We're new kids on the block:
The current version of MemphisTaxSale.com is our 'beta', so bear with us!  We aim to make design enhancements soon.

Drop us a line:
Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

An important note & disclaimer:
This website is based solely on publicly-available data, which we have collected & organized in a way that we believe is beneficial to investors as a reference tool.  We are not a real estate agent ... we are not selling properties.  Remember that you are doing your own investment research, and that this website is merely a tool to aid your research.  Nearly all of the property-related photos on this site are Google Streetview.  While a useful reference tool, Google Streetview images are often an unreliable indicator of the current condition of a property.

Before participating in a Shelby County Tax Auction, you should carefully study the Shelby County Trustee site and CivicSource's Tax Auction Tutorial.  You should probably consult a Memphis-based real estate attorney to make sure that you understand issues such as chain of title, etc.  And of course you should verify any data you obtain from this website before making a purchase decision (yes, we make errors sometimes!).